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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Radiohead na Suica

Radiohead sold out

Saturday, March 25th developed sheer surrealistically !!! This day will forever own its very special place in the history book of the Festival Rock Oz’Arènes.Thousands of fans of the british band waited for hours in front of the ticket selling points in order to get one of the precious tickets for this show.When presales finally started at 10 am, over 100'000 internet-users overloaded the webservers and the countless people that waited in line feared to have held out for nothing.

Radiohead could easily play stadium-shows, but the band is looking for closeness to the fans and therefore prefers to play smaller venues. In the past, the roman cities of Arles and Nîmes already had the privilege to welcome Radiohead. Now this honour goes to Avenches.This concert will be one of the finest moments of the 15th edition of the Festival.The whole team of Rock Oz’Arènes would like to thank all the persons that waited so patiently to get a ticket.
Ja não ha bilhetes...porquê meu Deus, porquê...


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